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Originally Posted by kamdard View Post

I got an email on 16-AUG-2011 from USCIS that they've issued an RFE for me and my wife's case, but till date, neither me nor my lawyers have received the RFE letters.

Called up USCIS customer service twice and they told me that they do NOT have access to the content of the letter and told me to wait for 2 weeks.

I had the address verification done for the I485 by the USCIS customer service, so that, most likely does not seem to be the issue (but then who knows) !

So, generally, how long does it take for one to get the RFE letter in mail ?

Will appreciate some feedback,

The actual RFE mail arrives within standard mail lead times. In my case this took 5 days starting from the day the email/text message received. I guess it depends on your location/distance from the service center. The letter is sent normally to the same address the i485 receipt letter/s were sent. The RFE will contain a cover letter (first page with barcode) and several others describing what USCIS needs you to present or send over. Read the instructions carefully. they are in BOLD.
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