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Originally Posted by DSLStart View Post
Current homeowners who are waiting for their GC MUST also be exempted from cap. This clause has to be there. Without having any gurantee of getting GC these folks have invested their savings in buying home even when the prices were high, WHY because they had real intent of making US their permanent home. So these people should too be exempted from EB cap.
Senator DSLStart,

At the end of your post, you forgot to say - 'I yield back the balance of my time'. What do you think this is, Senate floor, where you are proposing amendments? Laws are never drafted exactly what people tell lawmakers. The objective here is to gather attention to GC issues when they are considering proposals/ideas to resolve housing/credit crisis. Do you actually believe that this language/proposal will go as it is without any change, without anyone discussing it? In the ideal world, if you live near a Walgreens, you first create a perfect idea/proposal before sending it, and, in the real world you send out a good proposal/idea so that we do not miss the bus. Why make "the perfect" enemy of "the good". Let’s first get the word out that this is a possible viable suggestion, I am sure before deciding, they will make sure not to be unfair towards you. Turn over to live and see that they are having an urgent hearing on this right now. They will decide something in next 2-3 days. Lets not argue about who has the "real" intent to make US as a permanent home. Kindly let the Senators propose amendments, and not cause delay in sending out the message, otherwise everyone will miss the bus.

Disclosure: For the record, I own a house.
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- One Great man to another, 1814

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