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Originally Posted by gc28262 View Post
For me Obama and Mccain are equally good candidates. I would prefer Hillary Clinton over both of them.

McCain is a great guy, but he is with the wrong party. A party that aligns itself with anti-immigrants.

Now that we don't have much hopes for HR-5882, we should start targeting the CIR right now. Maybe we can talk to the Hispanic and other groups which will have an influence over CIR and have our provisions taken care of.

It will definitely be easier to tie-up with Hispanic caucus and other groups than anti-immigrants.

I agree with you - mediating with Caucus is the only option.Legal is nothing infront of them.They are the real majority when compared to our %.

Even if they bring new restriction over EB category - we have already applied and are in our final stage only.It's only the visa numbers.

The new rules might be for the new applicants ,maximum they might bring in Stem.There is nothing more they can do for us.More restrictions on us is quite impossible.

Oct 2009 should be in favor to us all.I have to only pray God.We have to just move on with our life.
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