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Not $50K but recently sent $25K and no questions asked. Just paid my bank the wire transfer fee and funds were transferred.

US government has no business with what I do with my "after tax" legit money. Send it to India or burn it, it's my money and I will do what I feel like doing. The recipient will have to pay taxes based on the amount and other regulations (limit, etc.).

Also, "principle" money once taxed (in US or India) is not taxed again, only the earning on that "principle are taxed. I'm not sure what the gift limit is in India but if you are sending money under that limit the no one pays any additional tax. Sender never pays tax again.

I had good success sending money via wire transfer v/s NRI/NRE/Remit-online-Guys. Wellsfargo has some understanding with ICICI and they only charge $5/transaction and exchange rate is fair. At least I had good experience with the big bank.
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