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Default 485 LCA question

Hi Experts,

I just filed for my 485. I am on H1B for last 4 years and my pay in W2 is less than LCA wages in all the three yesrs for various reasons?

1.2008 I joined this new company though H1B approval(COS) was rec'd in 27 november 2007 and was on vecation for some time in 2008 so W2 has lesser amount.

2.We got a baby girl in August 20089 So I didn't work for part of 2009 and part of 2010 so both years W2 has less amount.

3. 2011 I worked full year and have all pay stubs

My husband is the primary applicant I am dependent. Will there be any problem in my 485 application because my pay is less than LCA amount.

Thanks for your expert advice.
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