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Teddy, I completely second your comments. There is a reason why this is the most visited thread on IV. Folks who contribute here or other threads are helping fellow IV members who will/may join with IV and spread the word. This is there contribution to the movement. All of us are mature adults. Please don't tell us what to do or not do. If you think this thread is a waste of time, please dont visit and waste your hopefully valuable time posting here. TD and others have done an enormous contribution by leading this thread. Let's respect and honor that.

Originally Posted by TeddyKoochu View Post
The OP in this case was very politely replying to another individual who has been a very good contributor not only to this thread but to IV in general. This thread is about predictions and calculations and the primary audience here is EB2 / EB3 India retrogressed, it’s a no brainer that every one of us supports this bill to the innermost corners of our heart.
None of us have become current overnight, it has taken 4.5 years since the Jul 2007 event to have the dates move this far. We are all happy for our friends who can atleast see temporary benefits now; I hope you are gracious enough to be happy for your friends. Participation level of any individual should be best left to the individual this is not a primary school where the headmaster needs to remind every morning what the students are supposed to do every day. People know what they need to do and they will do what they like to do no matter what others may think or say, motivation requires instilling positive energy, make people see the benefits not negativity and ridicule. If you really want to motivate and encourage people do it by positive means and the first step towards that is showing some level of basic courtesy and respect. By ridiculing people you are actually not going to get any volunteers but you will definitely succeed in alienating quite a few people, I hope you and some other individuals understand the futility of what you are doing and the irreparable harm that you are causing to the organization itself. On HR 3012 this is the only thread that shows the benefits to both EB2 and EB3 India, the way to motivate people is to show them the benefit.
Additionally nobody is making millions here or elsewhere by participating in predictions and calculations; however what we get is something greater it is the satisfaction of being able to help and bring clarity to the lives of other readers of this blog who are stuck in their wait for green card. This thread in particular has the highest readership on IV it definitely helps to make the site more popular, since you are so concerned about astrologers being rich here the only IV is benefiting not any individual, I hope you understand this very clearly. Just to make it clearer to you what I have got is immense satisfaction and great wishes from many that is the biggest thing to me and the 6 million plus views is the contribution from this thread and all its contributors, probably you can value it suitably. We are not saying that people like you should acknowledge anything but what is expected that you do not twist and mis-represent things.
Additionally we do not predict differently everyday, this is not about picking tarot cards if you understand, this is based purely on numbers and understanding around it. Some events may not strictly conform to numbers because there is a huge element of discretion involved. Recently you had posted that there is great information available on the donor forum, I do see several donors also participate on this thread, let me tell you in the internet age information is available everywhere the one who gets credit is the one who is the first to share it. This is not a breaking news channel either; the Jan VB was beyond everyone’s expectations and truly a great event. The rationale behind it is clearly that they are building a much larger pipeline for several reasons; the core predictions and underlying calculations remain unchanged. This is not dogmatic either change in interpretations is bound to happen and is a healthy thing, we learn from each other here to everyone’s benefits.
For the last 2 years the predictions have been almost spot on it started at a time when people found it hard to believe what was being said and now people are magnetically attracted here including those who keep saying that this is a waste of time. This is not entertainment, this is something that touches people’s life and I hope next time you and a few other will have better words and more sensitivity before you say something.
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