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Default URGENT question regarding H1b transfer


I have been in the US since 2003
Initially came on F1 to complete a MS in engineering. 03 to 2005.
Worked for a firm from jan 06 to nov 2006 on OPT and then on h1b till july 2009

from july 2009 to present on F1 visa again (completed MBA)
both MS and MBA from top 15 univs in USA

a firm wishes to spnsor me for H1b now and is filing soon

My concern is that the firm is a has been around 4 years but is still pre revenue

they do have more than $50 million in bank and partnership with big firms inclduign fortune 50 companies

hence I am not concerned about my pay...i believe I will get it with no issues.

The firm has 50 full time employees

My question is that is there danger of H1b denial since the firm does not yet have a revenue and or income to show?

Currently my LCA has been filed...will know result in a week

I have heard that DOL can have issues with LCAs if the firm is small and the FEIN number (even though valid from a IRS document, if the DOL does not have record of it in its database) is this true?

Can some one advice me how risky is this process?

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