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Originally Posted by Dhundhun View Post
Last year I transfered $2,500, I don't have any such message.

If I were you, I'll ask the guy to hungup and directly call Remit2India. I would find what is happening and respond accordingly.

If it is Fake or Fraudlent call/email, you could sort out this way. (please note that WEB site also can be hacked and phone numbers can be changed. If the same contacts are consistent for few days, use that contact.)

My point is that money laundering has been happening and US as well as Indian Govt. wants to know transfer as well as usage of money. If either of them have questioned Remit2India, you should provide answer.

It is like cops asking question. Legally perhaps you can say no. While filing return in US, if it is more than $10,000 transfer, there is form to report to US Treasury. I have been sending three mails after filing return: IRS, State and US Treasury, whenever transfered more than $10,000. I don't remember that form #, someone can answer.

Your Remit2India account is frozen. So if you want to use it anyway, you have to get it activated.
I understand all that, which is why during my last transaction I was asked to enter my ssn before I could send more money, and I entered ( though before this ssn was not asked, and this looked like a new form). Yet after that, they froze my account and asked for a scanned copy of the ssn.
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