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Your call bro..

Yes he says that at the end of each broadcast, which obviously I don't appreciate but hey the good news is that he is not forcing anything on me. It is my wish. I have a brain and I control it. I decide what I want and what I want to block.

Even if he is an actor, which I really don't care about then also I learn something good from his acting and if I have to listen to his closing lines then be it.. (which I don't, bcos I change the channel ) because at the end I am learning something for FREE

God bless you.. your or mine, doesn't make a difference.
BTW, I must say, I haven't seen lot of people who listen to him so closely that they remember his closing lines so clearly.. Good job

Originally Posted by sanju View Post
Is that so? And what does Joel Osteen say at the end of his recital - "ask Jesus to come into your heart and make you your lord and savior. Friends if you truly make that payer today, you are born again". Which means there is only 1 god, but thats Christan God

So throw the same jargon at Joel Osteen and see what he has to say to you.

The point is, they are all the crooks, all of them. And all of them agree that there is 1 God and thats their God. So before doing anything everyone has to fight. Don't blame me for this, that's how it has always been, and that's how it always will be, till the time you follow and pass on this communicable disease called "organized religion".

I listened Osteen for few years and figured out that they are all actors. You will reach that conclusion in time.

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