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Default WOW... Nicely said.

Originally Posted by windycloud View Post

I don't want to panic over an article like this. The media is ALWAYS on the case of immigration. However we do have all odds working against us these days. On a fair weather day, our only ally is the corporations and business who hire us. The society and media never likes the idea of immigration. In their eyes we come here to take their jobs, end of story. The government is not exactly on our side either. They make the immigration process incredibly tedious to a point that makes us wonder if it's there to facilitate immigration or to stop it. That's the old equilibrium we are used to until a year or two ago. Now with raging unemployment and our only ally seemingly becoming the "enemy of the state", it's no surprise that we are put on the chopping board.

If I'm under the spot light for negative attentions I'd like to say "folks, let's at least put things in perspective." U.S. has a population of 300 million, of which roughly half is within the range of working ages. USCIS granted about a million greencards last year, of which only 162,176 were employment based. That is 0.1% of Americaís work force, and 0.05% of the entire U.S. population. And thatís less than 6% of the number of the American people injured in car accidents in 2005. Talking about something that hurts a lot of Americans badly, letís give automobile safety the attention it deserves, which should be 20 times that paid to employment based immigration. On the other hand, if we look at the educational background of these immigrants compared to the same age group of all American workforce I would not be surprised that the earlier surpasses the later by a large margin. That is the whole idea of employment based immigration. Accept a small group of highly educated and skilled foreigners into the society to fuel and energize its workforce and economy. Now this mere 0.05% of people, who already have to pay and struggle to stay legal thanks to the current immigration system, somehow becomes a huge crowd of seagulls and snitches that descend upon the entire country and rob jobs from everyone and kicks Americans into unemployment. Is there any justice or intelligence in that perception? Trying to fix the right problem by focusing on the wrong issues doesnít help. Hasnít the country learned enough lessons on this in the past 8 years? To the media, fact skewed out of proportion is a lie. Misleading the people on key national issues is unethical and unpatriotic.

H-1B holders, who are the candidates for employment based immigration, are lawful residents. That means we are subject to all responsibilities such as taxation. We pay all taxes including those the benefits of which we arenít even entitled to, such as social security and Medicare. We are subject to all laws and regulations as Americans and on top of that immigration law as well, which eliminates many forms of freedom enjoyed by an average citizen. To those sound advocates against immigration, who do you think you are to have the right to alienate us like we have no rights at all in this society? We arenít robbing you, we are creating wealth for the country. We didnít play through our earlier years, we worked hard in college and many in graduate schools as well. We arenít sitting around collecting social benefit, we are paying for it.

I remember watching a movie where in the old times a few African American kids witnessed a black slave being set on fire. One kid later said ďI saw fear in my friendsí eyes and at the same time, shame.Ē In some ways thatís our sentiment. We cave in when faced with unfair treatments and blames. When there is some news about a man killing his whole family after losing his job, some feel like itís our fault. Has it occurred to anyone that his mental health was a bigger suspect for the crime than his employment status? Tough times create anger and division. In my opinion thatís the kind of ride this country has been taking until the 2008 election. This is a tough time no doubt, but itís also the right time to restore sanity instead of injecting more biased, harmful and plainly wrong opinions into peopleís mind. Immigration, although not written in the Constitution, has always been a foundation of this country. Employment based immigrants are the modern day elites of U.S. immigration. And there is nothing more American than equity and hard working. That's what we believe in and what we ask for. Immigrants are citizens by choice. Thatís something to be proud of.

For once America, try to tackle the right problem by focusing on the right issues. Itís about time!
Nice statement bro/sis
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