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Wow! This is a great finding! I've read that page, but never noticed the Secretary of DHS specifically mentioned Pre-Application of AOS. Now that they do have this in their mind, can we start working on that? I'd love share to share a few thoughts I have on it:
From the lessons we learnt from the past, the most important thing for this admin fix to fly is comprimise: there must be kind of restriction for the pre-application AOS. A few examples I could think of are:
- The person has been in the country LEGALLY for more than a number of years, OR
- The PD are more than a certain number years old, OR
- I-140 has been approved, OR
- Must have MS or higher for a US college (just for argument's sake, please don't flame me).

The key is to not allow everyone to file pre-application or it'll be drown in a media storm and draw backfires. Yet it gives you a certain promise that you'll be able to file pre-application once you are here for a certain period of time, so everyone has hope and those who has suffered more would have an almost certain chance to do so.

IV core, should we work on this? This is the first time we see pre-application of AOS appears in official file and I believe it's a great opportunity.

Originally Posted by kate123 View Post
It is very much possible and infact in one of the DHS memo's it has been clearly mentioned that they are looking for possible pre-application filing procedure for adjustment cases... All we have do is request DHS secretary... I am not sure about the success rate, but we can atleast try.

Please see high lighted text below from

Legal Immigration Benefit Backlogs. What progress has been made in reducing the significant backlogs that had developed in the adjudication of naturalization petitions and adjustment of status (green card) applications? Which regional offices still lag behind in making progress toward target processing times, and what specific steps are recommended for providing priority resources to those offices?

Please provide an assessment of information-sharing with the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs on projected adjustment caseloads, to be used by that Bureau in setting each month’s cutoff dates on waiting lists for immigration categories that are limited by a yearly quota. What steps have been taken and what further steps are recommended to make sure that the full quota of permanent immigration spaces is used each fiscal year? What regulatory or legislative changes (including a possible pre-application filing procedure for adjustment cases) are recommended to facilitate caseload planning and make optimum use of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudication capacity?
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