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Default eb2 to eb1

i dont think one will be able to change so easily from
eb2 to eb1. even eb3 to eb2 is not that simple as ppl
are making it out to be. if your friend is in eb2 niw it
may not be such an uphill task. but otherwise it will
need some special tweaking by some special lawyer.
coz a software engineer - even if one has worked for
10 years - has to prove he is outstanding researcher
or extradonarily skilled or a multinational executive
when in reality ppl like us are a dime a dozen here.

i spoke to my lawyer about this and she categorically
said she doesnt think i am gonna qualify for eb1. my
problem is that my pd is early apr 2003 eb2 india, and
i have been waiting to file i485 from apr 2006. dont
know what to say other than offer sympathies and
suggest that your friend wait it out.

good luck and happy thanksgiving.
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