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The news that you heard about people being sent back from POE is not completely verifiable. However there is no cause of alarm at all. As I have heard a lot of my friends and their contacts easily getting through the POE immigration on H1B, AP and even L1. So dont worry.

I heard that a total of 8-9 people from TCS got sent back from POE at LA or someplace dont know exactly which POE. But they were all L1 and when asked about their client instead of saying TCS they it seems said "AIG", "JP MorganChase" etc. etc. so they were sent back. Atleast thats the story I gather from one of my friend. Dont know how much it is true or not. But definitely not heard any H1B sent back at POE thus far. Unless that H1B was from a previous company and the person had joined another company but was trying to use the old H1B stamp from older company.

I myself came in through EWR in November and all was perfect. In fact me and the POE were so cool and talking to each other we even were talking to each other about how hot a few girls were in front of my line. One of the coolest POEs I have ever come across. I came in on H1B without any issues and IO gave me 3 yr I-94 whereas my wife came in via AP and she got the AOS Parolee I-94 for one year. No questions asked, no documents asked and no paystubs or nothing asked. Not even where do you work and which company.
It was a breeze.

So dont worry and carry on with your regular travel plans but make sure to carry every single document incl. paychecks just in case.
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