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Default I485 rfe

I-140 Approved under EB1C.
I485 has RFE:
-Submit Copies of all petitions/application approval notices (I797) issued by USCIS for extension or change of non immigrant status.
-Proof of continuous employment authorization from Nov 2010.

B1 Mar-2003 May-2003
L1B Aug-2003 Sep-2003 L1 blanket (1 month)
L1B Oct-2003 Feb-2004 Same L1 blanket(4 months)
India Feb-2004 Jul-2005 Worked in India(15 months)
L1B Jul-2005 Nov-2007 Obtained visa from India L1 Individual(28 months)
India Nov-2007 mar-2008 Worked in India(4 months)
L1B mar-2008 Oct-2010 new L1 blanket and Visa in India.(29 months).L1A Amendment+ extension denied.
went to India and got visa with new l1a blanket.
L1A Nov-2010 In US now

- Is there any risk here since my L1b to A is denied earlier?.
-Do i need to send denial notice also as part of petitions/application approval notices (I797)?.
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