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Default Whom are you guys trying to convince?

Yourself? or people who already bought houses or are planniing to buy houses.

Anyway. No offense but there are choices in life.

1. Work for small company or big company.
2. Job or do business
3. Use AC21 or not
4. Do contracting or full time
5. Come to US or stay in your country.
6. Buy house before GC or not
7. Invest in stock vs Money Market
blah blah and blah

We all make choices and take chances. It is called Risk. If you take Risk you have rewards. If you don't take Risk no rewards.

Everybody who bought house including me are shaken by current market. Having said so, I would never even think twice to repeat the same thing again in today's market. If I have another 10% downpayment, I would buy another house and may be give on rent and become landlord. Any way that is me.

The point is we all take risks in one way or other and sometimes we win sometimes not. But here is something that keeps me going. That is RISK. Life would be boring playing safe. So do what is right for you. Even if that means spending 2x rent.

Any way. Good analysis.

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