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Default Travelling on valid H1B while Advance Parole (I-131) Application is Pending

I am from EB3 India Category with a Priority Date of May 2006. I filed I-485 during July 2007 Visa Bulletin Fiasco.I have a valid H1B visa valid till July 2013 in my passport. I also had advance parole which expired last year. I am planning to file for advance parole in Aug 2012 just as a backup. I have to go to Germany on a business trip in Sept 2012.

My question is, can i travel outside USA and come back using my H1B visa while my advance parole application is pending with USCIS for approval and my previous advance parole is already expired ? I read somewhere that if you travel while advance parole is pending, its considered that you abandoned your I-485 application. Please advise....
I will really appreciate your help.
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