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Default RIR LC approved with pre PERM launch date

I have used AC21 to move onto a different employer. My current status is AP/EAD with EB3 india PD in OCT 2005.

My precvious emmployer whol filed the I140 and I485 gave me a copies of document with I140 approval notice and I1485 receipt notices.

The previous employer actually had two immigration attorneys. The first attorney did start the LC process.

But all the documentation for 1485 and I140 is with the second attorney.

I did find a document from ETA with a case number and CCed to the first attorney saying the LC application is certified and is good to go for filing with I140. the acceptance date on this is from March 20, 2005 and the a copy of the letter dated Aug 19, 2006 was sent to me.

I checked the case number and it indicates certified under RIR.

Can I use the acceptance date on this paper based LCA from March 2005 instead of the current PD of OCT 2005 ?

Pl let me know the possiblity of adv the PD date based on this RIR LC.

The confusion here is both the attorneys appear to have worked on my with paper based and the second one with hte PERM .that is how I see from the dates of the acceptance atleast....
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