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Default Unfair F-1 Laws

I am a student at a university here in the US. I have attended this university non-stop for two years. Due to reasons beyond my control, I had to sit out a semester, which was supposed to be my final semester. Now that i have returned to complete my degree, I find out that I cannot apply for OPT.

I can understand if I had just started this school. But I have been a full time student for two full years and now it seems as though that was meaningless. Its not like I had to re-apply to this university, which I would have to do if I had missed two consecutive semesters. I can understand a student who has missed two consecutive semesters,but just one, after being at this university for 2 years.

Its just unfair. The law that deals with this should be revised, because students are sitting out semesters due to reasons beyond their control.

I think if a student has attended a university/college for more than three consecutive semesters and plans to graduate in the fourth, but for some reason beyond their control has to miss that one semester, and comes the following semester to finish, should still be able to apply for OPT.

Am I the only one who sees this as unfair. Two whole years amount to nothing, they might as well say that I was here illegally during those periods and not let my courses and credits count because its the same thing.
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