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Post I140 RFE --- Less experince. Please advise******

I got the RFE on my Eb2 I-140, Saying that I don't have 5 years post-baccalaureate experince on the job offered. Could some any one please what would be the options.

My Details.:

I received Btech Degree in April 2002. I Joined current company XYZ in Jan 2007 who filed by GC on EB2. I showed the experince starting from July 2001. which calculates as 5.3 months before I joined my current comany XYZ. Looks from the query that USICS is not consider the experience while I'm doing Btech.

1). Does work experince is not consdier till we complete Betch.? Atually I was selected in

campus and started working from the final year only.

2). I have done my MBA from Distance education in XXX universirty in India. Does the Distance Education MBA is consider as advanced degree and eligible for EB2. ?

Please advise. your reply is highly appriacted. and this is urgent please......


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