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Default Complete newbie question on EAD/AP/I-485 timelines

Can someone please tell me what to expect in general in the immigration journey?

What I gather from the forum:
1. File PERM --> 6-8 months
2. File I-140 --> 2 months
3. Wait forever for dates to be current
4. When dates are current --> Do Medical... File I-485, File EAD and AP

My questions:
- Do you have to apply for EAD and AP separate from the I-485 application?
- How long do the EAD and AP document approval take on average?
- How long does I-485 approval take on average -- assuming you applied after dates became current and your application is not already adjudicated?

Your inputs are very much appreciated, and I am sure that some other newbies like me will also benefit from your replies.
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