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Default Qualification for EB2

I'm new here and im not sure where to post this but i figured this would be the right spot. sorry if its not.

I finished school in may 2012 and have been working on opt since. The company that hired me wants me to stay longer but since i graduated with an AS i can't apply for a renewal. The company is willing to get me an H1B/greencard. At this point we do not think we will be approved for the H1B since we are still waiting on some paperwork to be able to apply for the H1B and all the predictions say that if we don't file by friday we won't be able to. So we turned to our next option which would be an i-140 for immigrant worker. I currently qualify for EB3 but since they have a long line I'm trying to see if I can qualify for EB2 which is current. I read i need to meet 3 of 6 criteria. I currently have an AS from a College, have been member of IEEE for 3 years and have a CSWA certificate. My major is computer science. So here are my questions:

1) Does my CSWA certificate count for Computer Science certificate?
2) Does USCIS recognizes BrainBench certifications?
3) My IEEE membership is a student one. Do I need to upgrade it to a professional one for it to count?

I think those are my only questions so far.
Thanks for any input.
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