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Originally Posted by dkshitij View Post
You are absolutely incorrect. This is what I read in the bill:

-EB1 gets exempted from the cap
-EB2 gets 40%, EB3 gets 40%, EB4 10% and EB5 10%
-Dependents get exempted
-Country caps removed
-Recapture of wasted visas since 1991
-PhD in any field exempted from the cap
-MD who finish waiver exempted
-EB2 is split into A and B. EB2-B is STEM masters. EB2-B is exempt from PERM and the Cap

and many more.

I also don't understand why you are so negative and discouraged. We have a bill and we have most of our demands in it. Thank you IV for simply amazing hard work on our behalf!
I agree with you dkshitij. I haven't done a complete study of the bill, but from what I've read online so far, it appears that per country limits have been removed and they actually have quite a number of humane proposals for eliminating the backlog for employment-based immigrants like us. Here is a like to a 17 page summary for anyone who is interested:
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