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Default Never love your company Sunil!!

Sunil9911.. You must be knowing this from before.. but let me tell you again..

Never love your Company, It is not going to love you back!!

You are paid for what you are doing and you are praised for the work well done.. Once you commit a mistake and find your self in a mess..Company would first try to find a way dumping you, irrespective of all the things which you have done for the project..

Sleepless nights working in office for the project production deployment.. having dinner at the desk because you cant spare 10 minutes walking to the cafeteria.. Many broken promises to your love, parents and friends just because you have to meet the deadline irrespective of personal life..

All the above comes no where when you are a burden to the company.. Just make sure use your choice to take a step ahead and move on with your life.. If you leave the company, someone will back up your project for the work you do.. despite the fact that if you leave this opportunity you would rather not find a backup for the rest of your life..
instead of regretting later.. better think ahead and make the right choice..

Did not want to hurt your feelings..but wanted to tell you my grief.. Hope you understand my friend!!
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