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Originally Posted by kprgroup View Post
This is what you have to do.........As you said...

Fly home, get married
Apply for H1B stamp, spouse applies H4
Enter US on H1B/H4
File for spouse I-485 - When possible. Keep your HIB status as much possible
Other than getting stuck in admin processing for H1B, my main concern is during the time I'm waiting for H1B stamping, my I485 would be approved ....then H1B/H4 would be useless anyway

That's why I'm leaning towards AP/H4 option.

Could you help me understand the likely worst-case scenario with AP/H4? Meaning what's the worst that could happen if I try AP/H4? I'm hoping even if AP/H4 doesn't work out, I could still go with follow-to-join as fall back. Is this correct?

Any idea on follow-to-join time frame? It should be faster than I-130/F2A process, right?

Thanks again
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