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Default BLS India Visa, USA ripoff


I got some response from fellow members and want to clear something here.

Q - You are asking people to make a video. Are you crazy? Who will be willing to show their face? Have you created a video and posted with your face? Show that first and someone brave will follow.

You may think I am crazy but YES I will show my face in video and post with others on YouTube but I am waiting for IV members to join in this effort because I got my green card and citizenship with the help of forums as here we share our knowledge.

Q-Are you willing to put your real name out there in public domain? You are asking for names but have you done it yourself?

As said I will use my REAL NAME in video, I will show what emails and faxes I have sent out to BLS and Indian embassy with proof.

Q - You are trying to fight against Indian system. But you have forgotten how Indian system works because you have been in America for many years. You think that by writing a letter and a YouTube video government or BLS will fix it. Do you know the process how BLS was selected for the contract bid? Who BLS owner is? Have you filed RTI for it?

My friends even you live in USA for any numbers of years by birth you will be Indian and no one understand better than yourself how Indian system work.

Will this video will fix video BLS issues or not, I have no idea but at least we can try. I am also planning to send registered letters to BLS Visa USA and Indian embassy to participate in this small video I am planning to make. Will they will response, I donít know and I donít care.

BUT here my friends I need your help, same messages I am posting on other forums and getting some responses. I am not sure how long it will take but I will make this video and post it and will send a CDĎs to BLS Visa USA and Indian embassy.

Q - Enjoy your US citizenship and leave India to Indians in India to fix.

I have US citizenship but I am born Indian, you canít take it from me or change it. I am faithful to USA but we should fight for injustice.
Contribution: $$ + Faxes + Calls
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