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Default I-485 pending - did NOT pay Social Security/Medicare TAX for 5 years!!

Hey guys,

I just realized that, NO Social Security/Medicare tax has been deducting from my paycheck, over the past 5 years!! - because in HR payroll my status is still F-1.

- I was an F-1 intern at my company before joining full-time. I've been working full-time on H1-B since 5 years.
- PD is current and awaiting I-485 adjudication (over 6 months)
- Already have EAD/AP card
- Current status: AP (travelling and re-entered on AP)

I'm not familiar with tax stuff at all, I've just been filing 1040EZ online (Turbotax, using company W-2).
I read some unrelated discussion about SS/Medicare tax, and realized that my W-2 boxes 3,4,5,6 were always blank.
I looked online and realized that for H1-B, SS/Medicare should be deducting from paycheck.
I emailed HR, asking why. They replied that in payroll system, my status wasn't updated from F-1

Guys, please answer some questions for me:

1. Anyone faced the same situation? What happened?
2. Will it affect my I-485?? Should I be worried?
3. What should I do? How bad is it?
4. Will I have to pay 5 years of tax!!!

Would really appreciate any guidance. Thanks guys!!
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