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Originally Posted by waitingnwaiting View Post
So what happens if your tax fraud is caught before you application is reviewed for approval? And what happens if IRS finds out?

And why should you be worried if you try to fix tax now vs waiting. I think you had made up your mind already about hiding it before you asked. I do not think I would agree with you and will take such a risk of waiting to be caught.
If that happens, then obviously I'll have to face that situation, and do what's seem best in that case.

Whether I attempt to fix it today or in a few months...either way it's a bad situation from what I can tell. My only hesitation is doing something about it right away is, what if it'll somehow mess up my I-485 (which I've waited YEARS) ....which I why I'm trying to solicit advice from folks.

While this mistake was going on (without my knowledge), I still got H1 stamps, EAD/AP etc ...that's why I'm leaning towards waiting to see if I can the GC in my hands 1st

But I'll do what seems best based on the feedback I receive.
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