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Originally Posted by columbusdude007 View Post
Admins gone wild? ROFLFMAO.
It bothers me that one person can make the entire topic stink. I used to like visiting internet forums. Lately not because of you, but because of people who watch your shit silently, I try not to visit any immigration forums. Every now and then when I stumble into forums it bothers me that most people who visit here stay silent even when dumb shits like you attack well intended people and spending their time to fix my problems.

It doesn't bother me what you post because you are born fuckhead and that is how you are suppose to behave. What bothers me is others who silently watch people like you fuck around all over the place without at least being questioned of your intent.

Have you done anything for my problems of having to wait in backlog? If the answer is no and then if you attack people working to fix my problems and problems of thousands others, how will it be fair for me to just glance through without saying anything and pass-by when you are pissing all over the place.

We all want green card. The first thing I learned about American society is that people speak up when they see fuckers like you. Don't see others here getting angry over what handful get away with. Which is why we are all waiting in backlogs because that is what we deserve.

Handful of people like here like drop of ink in a jug of water, making the entire environment non-consumable. But people who knowing remain silent are like poison in jug of water killing anyone who might drink it by mistake.

"Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly."
~ Mahatma Gandhi
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