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Originally Posted by imh1b View Post
If you dig deeper you will see that what is see is not what you get. The real legal immigration issue is lack of available H1B numbers per year. Greencard backlog is NOT an issue. There is no study done on how increasing greencard will boost economy but there are many studies on how increasing H1B will boost economy. These studies are not done just morning. Someone saw a good reason in the idea and funded them. Greencard backlog or for that matter H4 issue is also not a human right issue that many spouses have misconception.

H4 EAD is being given for the reason that more workers will be brought to labor market who can work for less money and still be temporary. This temporary status will make them work hard to keep their status. The irony is that many spouses think 'H4 is a curse' and they want EAD. They will delete your post if you talk to them to ask for Greencard that is complete freedom or join Immigration voice. The level of intelligence is missing because most immigrants only mix in their native crowd and talk abut issues of their native country instead of being involved in US politics.

So what you will get is what increases number of workers. Best and the brightest already come through EB1 visa. EB2 and EB3 visas are mostly for 'workers'. Some exceptions are doctors or Research scientists who could not get EB1. But by and large EB2 and EB3 are 'workers; and they are needed in large numbers and temporary.

This is why I said temporary workers are getting the best deal they deserve and should rejoice. There is no other chance in the coming years for them to get anything by doing nothing.
I love this post. I falls under the unfortunate 'worker category'. I really hope that EO( if it happens) will include provision to file EAD upon 140 approval. I am not that fan of EAD for H4..
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