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Originally Posted by snthampi View Post
The fraud is starting from the people who are defrauded, most of the time. Why would someone take up a job for 40-45K, if they have the skills required for a high skilled work visa? The obvious reason is that these people are coming in with fake resumes, proxy interviews, etc. I am sure some legitimate people get victimized too. But, that is just collateral damage. A significant percent of people who come here on H1 are not truly qualified. I have personally met people at work places that don't have the skills that they claim to have. I have heard many many stories through friends. I have heard people taking up jobs for which they don't have the skills and pay someone else in the team to do the work. The reference to Osmanabad University and the mentality of those students speaks volumes about what to expect. If only people with the right skills and qualifications are given H1 and L1 visas, EB2 and EB3 India wouldn't be backlogged this much.

A very very small percent of these fraud cases mentioned in this article have come to light because most of the time the immigrant settles it out with the fraud company because they themselves have a lot of baggage.

If you say these stuff to anyone in the Indian community, they will call you a traitor.

Why would Microsoft and Apple care if they can get cheap work force? There is no reason to believe that anything is going to change.
People against removing slavery in America often blamed African Americans. They often said that:
- "look at how blacks dress" - Not acknowledging that African Americans were poor and were not allowed to own property.
- "they have no education or look at how they talk" - Not acknowledging that African Americans were not immigrants and not allowed education.
- Or "look at how they behave or look or their moral are low"
And the list goes on.

No matter what you say, you cannot blame African Americans for slavery in America. Likewise, you cannot blame immigrants on H1/L1 for the slavery style system in America, a system protected and promoted by large technology companies (including the companies that many revere) and preserved by US Congress.

If immigrants are exploited by their employer and employer is not giving immigration paper work, will immigrants not take desperate measures to change and go to another employer? Is that wrong to take desperate measures to avoid exploitation? The current system is so heavily tilted in favor of the employer that if employer won't give you pay stubs, experience letters, H1 document, copies of green card petition - then it is so difficult to change employer. And 99.99% employers follow the practice that they will not give one or the other document to their immigrant employees.

Is it wrong for employees on H1/L1 to take desperate measures including padding resume, just so they can avoid the exploitation of their current employer? Even law allows to kill someone else in self defense, but some purist will make everyone on H1 and L1 believe that what we go through is somehow our fault or as Microsoft CEO Satya might like to call it "karma". This is bullshit.

It doesn't matter what is the degree, qualification or caliber of H1/L1 immigrant. What matters in any system is if the employee has the freedom to change employer.

Even someone with PhD will be subjected to exploitation in a corrupt system if:
1.) she/he is working in an system that makes it difficult for her/him to change employer and the system is heavily tilted in favor of the employer.
2.) employer wants to exploit their employee, and it could be because of any reason including - just because the law allows the employer to conduct itself in unethical manner.

There I take exception to your statement that:
The fraud is starting from the people who are defrauded
Because it is not applicable in the current H1/L1 employee context.

Employees on H1/L1 are cowards, not frauds. They are suffering from apathy for the lives of their own children, but they are not frauds. They are not civilized enough for wanting to live free in a civilized society because they will not speak up, but not frauds. Unwilling to speak-up for their rights and unaware of the wrongs being caused to their families, but not frauds.

And the proof is, people on H1/L1 are unwilling to talk about this honest article. When oppressed or exploited people are unwilling to take on truth head-on, that is weakness, and no system can change with weakness.

If you talk 1-1 with people in desi parties, everyone will tell you their story of how they are being exploited by their employer, but not many people are willing to come forward to tell their real story.

So I take exception to your statement implying that H1/L1 employees are frauds. But maybe it is worse to be cowards, apathetic and uncivilized to ask for equal rights.
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