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Default Time for whole process to complete?


I've sent in my i-130 form and it has been received by the Californian office in August 14. I am classed in the "Unmarried son or daughter over 21 of a US Citizen" category. On the USCIS website it says currently that this takes on average 7.6 months for this form to be processed. Then i think i need to apply for the i-485 form. This currently says 4 months to process. So i was thinking that the whole process would take around a year. I read somewhere today though that you have got to wait for a "Priority date" once your i-130 has been processed. And I saw on a website today that for a British Citizen applying as a son or daughter over the age of 21 of a US Citizen the priority date is Jun 07. So does this mean that the whole process will take around 7 years rather than a year? I'm hoping that i've got it wrong somehow and that it won't take that long. Can someone give me an idea of if this is correct or not?

Many thanks in advance
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