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Originally Posted by snthampi View Post
It is of course funny, because you are looking at my 2001 job title and making assumptions. LOL!
snthampi aka Nagendran Thampi aka "Only non-fraud High skilled",

Either you are this person with the job title in 2001, or, you are not this person. Make up your mind. Can't decide, you are High Skilled and others are all frauds, remember? So you it should not take you long to decide. Why is it taking so much time?

Why are you having your job title from 2001 in your linkedin profile? If you have updated other parts of your linkedin profile with latest employer info etc then why would you not change your title? Maybe because your high skilled green card application is not so high skilled because it is filed with job title - Programmer Analyst? And even though that is the job title in your labor certification, you are no longer working with that job title? Is that what you are trying to say? Well, in that case are you not defrauding the system by pretending someone you are not.

You are either Programmer Analyst and not high skilled and thus defrauding the system. Or, you are pretending to be Programmer Analyst and defrauding the system on your green card petition? Which one is it?

Oh, all others in the system are still frauds, isn't it?
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