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Thank you for clarification and prompt response.

Originally Posted by Administrator2 View Post
1.) Yes this is a different / additional provision. If I remember correctly, this will require regulation because it requires removing the rule that currently allow employer to revoke I-140. The new regulation change will ensure that (mostly scrupulous ) employers will not be able to revoke I-140 so this can not longer be used as employee retention tool.

2.) 'Same or similar occupation classification' is applicable after applying I-485. But it seems that the similar job portability will be made after I-140 approval as well. This job portability will allow changing jobs that allow natural progression in the profession so one is not stagnant in the same job/employer. Once this will be out, you will be able to change job and take higher role without having to restart GC process. So we would suggest that you might want to hold-off changing employer until after all the regs are final.

I looked up my notes, it was also shared that all Regulations will be out by Spring of 2015 and the goal is to get it all done by May/June timeframe.

EAD for H-4 final regulation will be done in Dec/Jan.
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