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Originally Posted by Administrator2 View Post
Ok, and your question is? Or you just have a comment that it it "weird" and then pick a fight? As we tried to explain earlier, the process is still unfolding and everything is not yet in the public domain. Just FYI, there is a world beyond what you know.

If you think this is "weird" then you can believe that this change will not happen. And you can go your way. You don't have to read what we have to say. Don't you think it is weird to expect us to answer the same question over and over again. We are sharing what will happen based on WH briefing. It hasn't happened yet, but it will. And that is what we are sharing. But some folks think they are too smart - "weird"?

If some scamster lawyer will give useless "predictions" you will happily take that as the word of gospel without a shred of a doubt. But you will find it "weird" when we are sharing something that will happen in the near future, even when we are telling you that the source of the information being WH briefing. I have no desire to convince you or anyone else. You can believe that you want to believe.

No matter how long you are waiting, we don't consider this as a valid and reasonable question because you did not even ask any question?

You can go your way considering that no such rule will ever be published in any federal register.
Well, I don't know what makes you think there is no question . I am repeating my question again - Does IV know or has any idea about the timeline of the I-485 pre-registration proposed rule? OR is it only at the high level right now?

And to my point of "weird" - I am questioning the process as anybody would who is new to the process. and I am not saying I know it all, neither do you. If I don't know anything, it simply comes out as a question - which you treated like this (again I am not pointing fingers at anyone but disappointed by the way it is treated like this when we are trying to build a community).

As expected - you did not answer my question and kept on saying things here and there in an effort to prove that people who don't agree with you or raises question doesn't know anything as has always been the case on this forum. No one is questioning the efforts that IV has put for years, but in my mind - it is not a trait of a team player or a leader to show people down when trying to build a community. You can again write a lengthy reply to this instead of answering my question but it is just my opinion.

Have a good day!
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