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Default I understand but it was a little patronizing

Originally Posted by Murthy View Post
My dear Friend
Every one who stuck in backlogs are getting frustrated day by day for the past decade facing lot of family issues,travel issues, can not change job easily due to no rights etc Please read IV post at
Personally I have lot more.. I have college going daughter. I am sure you can not even imagine problems of people having college going kids without GC. Probably you will run away from US. Now things are coming one by one. Keep trust in IV. IV is working very hard... Please do not lose confidence. We will get GOOD days. I am fully relying on HR 213. If in case HR 213 wouldn't become law in this year probably Our family may have to leave US after my daughter completes education. In such case there will be no hope for any legal immigration in the future, but . I am very confident HR 213 will become law this year. Just timing.
FYI: I *2 Act will never become law as long as it contains H1B quota increase.
Murthy .. First of all, appreciate the reply, and your confidence has made my sunday start better... That said, we all have our problems and depending on who you are where you are in your life, it might look like my mountain is bigger than yours .. It doesnt have to be a condescending that "other people cannot imagine problems or would have run away" and makes us look skirmish.

In the end, this is a wave and when it comes it will lift all boats ...

Cheer up. I hope you get your status ASAP.
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