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Question Question on filing AOS

First of all Congratulations and Thanks a ton to IV leaders for all these great immigration fixes happening and progressing lately. This is really an exciting time.

I have a question which I suppose would be applicable to hundreds of others in the same situation. I have I-140 approved for few years now, in EB2 category, with my employer which is a typical consulting company. I have not changed any jobs based on approved I-140 to just play it safe. Now, if this mentioned immigration fix (EAD for I-140 and advance filing of AOS/I-485) is implemented, then all of these consulting companies will lose their grip on the H1B visa employees, who have been stuck to them due to GC backlog and lack of safe way to change employer. My question is, once this fix goes live, do we still have to file for EAD and I-485 through our employer's attorney or is it something which we will be able to do on our own without informing the employer? The reason for this question is that the employers may turn to be reluctant to apply for these privileges for their employees knowing that the employee will be more likely to jump to another employer after these privileges are granted.
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