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Originally Posted by ravi.shah View Post
I fail to understand the purpose of a heads-up email at this juncture, when IV leadership does not want to share any details. Whats the point ? Why not send detailed update mail after 5/4 (which is only 3 days away) ? Communication strategy needs to be improved by Aman & Co.
The email gives a feeling that someone wants to be a hero and that this is a desperate attempt to claim credit. Nothing else.

I am only writing this, because I believe IV's work is too good.. and want it to succeed.
Regards !
There is nothing wrong in giving heads up, this will give more awareness to people like you and me and many others.

No one else other than Aman & co has worked hard enough for all changes that you see now.

Remember that Aman & co has nothing to gain by this reforms, they have all they need to work and stay in this country. Please grow up and learn to appreciate people working for some great cause that is going to benefit people like you and me. Please do not show your true colors.
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