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I wanted to share my own experiences about the advocacy and even though it sounds like a broken record and pretty much having similar experiences as others it does mean a lot to me as I am one of those guy who doesn't get too excited about something very easily. I am not the one who would over analyze any issue or take a day off to hit refresh button just to see when the announcement comes out, I am more laid back and skeptical at first kind of guy.

I do understand like me, many of you might have had certain perceptions on how things happen, how things work in DC, how you might be treated at IV events, what are you going to say at congress man's or senator's office, would IV core start slamming at me if I make a mistake and this are all valid reasons that you might have thought and avoided participating in IV events and believe me I know this because I have always somehow convinced myself to avoid participating. Not sure at what moment I decided to register, most likely I had few too many drinks that day but once I hit the button I am going that commitment for me takes precedence over any other fear so I gathered the courage up (don't go by looks those who know me but I am a wuss usually) and hit the road. I understand there are many who can't do so but are genuinely interested in supporting the cause and the organization, for them there are plenty of ways to show the support other then going to IV events, so please look into using those opportunity to be a part of something that you believe in.

Last few days with IV seemed to me as the best decision I had made, yes there was a lot of work to be done but with so much energy and encouragement things just came naturally. Each and everyone was so helpful including the leadership and some of the things that I had perceived were all shattered and I felt so glad to be wrong. Even though I had been waiting for 12 years the stories I heard from others make mine nothing compared to what issue a lot of us are facing. I learned a lot about the process, what I also learned is action item that are asked is very carefully thought out and planned and if you were thinking by constantly repeating the message Hildingur (hil3182) is trying to torture you then let me say it that's not the case, there is a well thought out reason and a plan to do that, even if it is as simple as hitting a like button on Facebook post, so please follow it you would be glad that you did. I was fortunate to meet a lot of great people who are selflessly fighting for our cause and lot of them don't even face the problems anymore, but they still believe in the cause so they are spending their time and energy for those thousands who don't even know this organization exists.

In the end all I wanted to say I am very proud to be part of such fantastic organization and a special thanks to all those who made this experience happen. Thanks IV
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