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Originally Posted by sengs View Post
IV community,

Thanks for being with us in this effort. Your persistence in calling your representative's local offices is very important in maintaining continuity to our efforts at DC. We had a very productive 2 day session at the congress, very warm reception and response and more than 90% offices agree with us. Their only request is, that they want to hear from their constituents. We had several states like FL, CA, NH from where we had no members attending this event. Some of us represented IV as this is a national problem, and even those offices gave us 30-45 mins and heard our requests and have not slammed the doors on us (as some people uses to scare away real fighters). I am reiterating again- they want to hear from their constituents- and they are you. Call every day, until they cosponsor the bill. I heard from one house member that one guy (who didn't even attend event and no one in IV knows him) represents IV and calls the representative's office every day (since last May) regarding the bill, and that representative is very eager to put her name on the list.

So my friends, please please keep calling, until they say YES.

Hum honge kaamyab ekdin! We shall overcome someday (very soon!)
I sincerely believe Hum honge kaamyab. And that is the reason my user name is "VShallOverCome"

I and my spouse have called the offices of the reps in my state and have also approached many friends in various states asking them to call the representatives of their states. To my surprise quite a few of my acquaintances are not familiar with IV and are not aware of H.R. 213, so trying to make them aware of these.
I have also lived in a couple other states at some point in time and so am going to call all the reps in our list from those two states. Some times the staff members ask for our postal address and I do not want it to look phoney so avoid calling states where I have never lived. By that token, many people have moved from one state to another and can call the reps of at least all those states where they live or have lived at some point in time.

And I sincerely want to say - I cannot thank IV team enough for whatever they are doing for all of us.
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