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Originally Posted by greenvisa View Post
I was wondering what would it take to table this for vote. In 2011 I see HR3012 had only 11 cosponsors but still had overwhelming vote of 389-15 and passed congress.
But now we have almost 40 but still this is not considered for voting in this month though June is considered as Immigrants month. Can this bill be tabled in July?

Also among the one who voted "yay" for HR 3012 were
Steve Scalise (Republican LA-1): House Majority Whip. Louisiana New Orleans area.
Kevin McCarthy (Republican CA-23): House Majority Leader. Bakersfield, CA area.

Wondering why Jason Chaffetz is not pushing hard to table this in congress?
Any thoughts or ideas to untangle this?
Excellent question, and many folks reading this forum may have this. Okay I am not an expert or a senior guy here in IV but will try to answer this and I hope seniors will correct me. For any bill whether this or any other, momentum is very important, everyone agree that immigration system is broken and it needs to be fixed, but it's a complex issue. So whenever there is complex issue folks and specially elected representative take time to deliberate on the subject.
Now last time when there was only 10 cosponser where there, the bill had enough momentum, this time around we are seeing the same momentum building. The experience from last time was so good that almost everyone wants to get associated with the bill and that is why you are seeing so many Cosponsers.

So at this time we can help maintaining this momentum by following what IV is suggesting thru the Admin post. And you could check to check who voted for it.

I hope this will help you understanding the process.

A Legal Immigrant,
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