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Originally Posted by rupen View Post
Your observations are correct but they are correct only as far as they can be from ourside. If you had been to DC, you would not be asking these questions. Do not you think we would have already thought about this ? HR 3012 was introduced in 2011 and at that time situation was different. We would not be concentrating on co sponsors if it did not matter. We are not doing this because we like it or we want to keep doing something. Be assured that co sponsor goal that we have in the short term is derived after all necessary thinking. If you want to be part of how we derived at that thinking, you have to come to DC, otherwise, you will have to trust IV and take part in action items
Rupen - Agreed that attending the event in DC would have given us more insight into things, however the more IV explains how things work at backend, more the trust develops by itself. Some information is confidential and we understand that IV will not share and understandably so, however more insight into political and administrative processes and transparency about IV's approach to get things done will help people coming together for common cause. Needless to say, we all appreciate what IV is doing for everyone's benefit. Thanks again !!
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