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Revised text:

Dear Group,

I know that this issue may not affect you directly, but please read and forward this message to the Indian community living in the U.S.

You may know at least one family in your community who are working in the United States on H-1B visa because they are stuck in the green card backlogs. On Sept 7th 2015, the US Department of State issued a visa bulletin that allowed many people to file for green cards and live their life with security. Today, they have retracted this visa bulletin and superseded with old dates of eligibility. I and my wife spent a significant amount of time and money in attorney fees and medical tests in making our green card applications ready for delivery to the USCIS on October 1st, 2015. To find that USCIS will not accept our application by changing the previously issued visa bulletin has caused significant emotional and financial trauma to my family. We are humbly requesting the government that thousands of legal immigrant families be allowed to file their applications as was promised by the previously issued October visa bulletin.

Please pass this message to your friends and family who maybe affected and support Immigration Voice on facebook ( or their website ( - Home)

Please stay tuned to ImmigrationVoice website to immediate action items if you are affected. If you are not directly affected, we would also appreciate your liking our facebook page or support in whatever we you can.

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