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Originally Posted by sk.work13 View Post
So, here's my story from Sep 9th 2015 to Sep 26th 2015-
1-As soon as USCIS made the announcement, I had my parents send my birth certificate. They made it number 1 item and forgot their work to get one issued & send in a week
2- I spent 3 days looking at what documents are needed, forms etc and process to fill those while letting my office work suffer! harming my reputation at work and working 15 hrs to manage both. Fill and download forms which is not just 1 form of 2 pages.
3. Scheduled doctors appointment to get all important vaccines.
4. Go to safe box and collect all documents, search for & collect all in next 2-3 days
5 Got 5 Injections for all vaccinations because my mom had no record of it. Side effect? My arms, nexk and shoulder was in hige pain and immobile for 2 days followed by mild pain and immobility for another 2. And the money spent!
6. Got blood test done, paid money again
7. Got TB skin test done, had to see doctor tomorrow again. Paid money again
8. While I suffered financial, health and mental loss, I gained nothing! USCIS reverted back. My TB test is invalid in 30 days. My medical is invalid in 1 year and my money 500-700$ per person is down the drain.

Can USCIS return all of this to me? If yes, they can revert to anything they want. If not, they should stand by their announcement because this is really inhuman.
Very well said. USCIS can retrogress to the year 1776 and screw themselves up but it did cost me money which could have been used to spend something wisely.
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