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Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
Some compelling (or maybe all) stories submitted will be presented to decision makers while making the case for them to roll back this ridiculous decision.

If you don't feel comfortable sharing your story, or don't like it, don't submit your story.

If you choose not to believe us or think we are bunch of hoaxers and hucksters, don't waste your time following this organization.

We are in an all hands on deck mode trying to deal with this ridiculous crisis here and you aren't helping.
No body said, I don't believe in what IV says. But replies like yours aren't helping either. so neither are you helping.

Originally Posted by testman View Post
If you have so much issues, what are you even doing here and bugging the IV team. You are being an unnecessary rabble rouser. Toad, go back and hide in your small pond. STOP your nonsense here.
For you my friend, I'll just leave you alone. You just deserve to hold my finger where I can lead you to road of intelligence. But I doubt that is going to do you any justice as your words show your upbringing very well. I have every right to be here as any one else to know what will indeed be done soon. SO there..
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