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When will this descrimination based on national origin change? I have no control over where I was born. I cannot change jobs, accept promotion, I live a second class life. Am I expected to live like this for 15 to 20 years whereas others get their GC in 2 to 3 years and move on with their life?

If my employment situation changes I become out of status overnight and have to pack my bags and leave everything behind. At least the laborers and construction workers in Dubai get their passports taken and have the certainty that there is no chance of PR. Here there is no certainty. Just take my passport away and tell me I am a bonded laborer and at least there will be some certainty.

When I tell others my situation the comments I get are "why did you come here then?" "You can always go back?" But I want to stay and build a normal career. I went to a top 5 college, got one of the best jobs. And now I have to suffer the consequences of where I was born. I live for the day when people will be judged based on merit and not national origin.

P.S. things will never change, businesses are addicted to cheap/disposable workers that cannot change jobs for one to two decades. They are never going to let this sweet deal go away.
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