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Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
Advocacy is a nice word for (unpaid) lobbying - and more.

Like lobbyists, we stalk the "lobby's" of Congress and do meetings (I was doing this on Monday) -- but we are more powerful than lobbyists because we can do district meetings, which lobbyists traditionally don't do. As constituent's we have more influence (and respect) than lobbyists. Everyone knows lobbyists have sold their souls to sell something they don't necessarily believe in - but when we go to DC, people realize that we have taken time off work, paid our own way to come down to DC, they respect that and want to hear what we want to say. If someone from (say) Alaska, Montana, the Dakota's flies down to a lobby day - I guarantee you we will get a meeting with all Congressmen and Senators in the state (not just their offices).

We can't donate money though, since it is illegal - everything else is fair game (and we do it).
Thanks for your reply Hil. That clarifies things, I am from Michigan and have joined the local state chapter on facebook. Let me know how I can help the cause. Do we have any periodic meetings within by chapters that I could attend?
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