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Originally Posted by hil3182 View Post
If we ever have another one, don't miss the next advocacy event in DC.

A word of warning though, what you will see and hear will leave you radicalized against lawyers and lobbyists.

If you are one of those who spend long hours every week serving Ron Roacher or Greg Siskind, you might find it deeply disconcerting or take it personally like many above.
Thank you for the invite. The reason I haven't done the advocacy so far is that I might sway all/some IV frontrunners from wearing their Judge Judy hats too soon and be judgemental about people they talk to in online forums. Yes, I am professionally known to be that persuasive. Now, we wouldn't want to take the fun quotient out of forums, would we?

On a serious note, I might do it next time. Feel a connection with you guys now, brotherly one, and getting this weird craving to have lunch with you all, while we discuss how I bragged about my persuasiveness in online forums.
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