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Originally Posted by bibliophile2020 View Post
Hey Hil3012, please stop using foul language and calling people idiots if they don't agree with you. Of everyone on the forum, you need to show some restraint being a "moderator". I am not sure how IV administration is tolerating something like this on the forum.
I appreciate Hil for being far from away from 'Politically Correct'. If he conveys his message in fewer words (maybe blunt but true ) then we appreciate it.

I worked with a law firm for an H1B transfer (presumably 'the' top law firm in immigration) and I know how bad H1Bs are treated. Ganging up with employers, delay tactics, selling 'premium' packages by simply delaying filing and most of all treating H1Bs/legal immigrants as low lives are just a tip of the iceberg. You can read hundreds of experiences with lawyers and law firms on this forum and it hurts me on how they influence on immigration reforms.

Most lawyers advocate online petitions. Go read any lawyer with a bunch of online followers (the ones who tweet or blog), even most desi lawyers who recommend online petitions, when everyone knows they do no good.

I would suggest you wake up and stop complaining and start realizing. Think and then 'act'
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