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Default calling across board ..

I have been calling to the states where I have still the links .. one state where I still own home while another where I work. Yet another where I pay taxes. So I guess, it is better if we call the states where we have any past and thus there is some links established to call them. Some of them are awrare and just taking messages. I have tried to condense the messgae that I am ..... calling from ... am a grassroots member of an organization Immigration Voice. Recently there was an visa bulletin issued with July 2011 dates ... got retrogresed to July 2009. ... Medical bills and uncertainity .. please reach out your contact line from the original email .. then I add something that I feel too since it should be real and not scripted. I think everyone should do the same and it is fine to add aa, umm etc .. thats normal and obama uses aa a lot in sentences to sound real and human .. so use all that and call them all you can today. Some of them also gave me the emails which I plan to send across tomorrow. one thing to note is that this not personal case as some of them tell you, it is a general case which is impacting thousands of people across states and you are calling your local rep. to let them know of your grievances and to push the white house to have it reversed to july 2011 date. It is just adjustment of status after all not actual green card.... anyhow that need to be addressed using similar calls like this.
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