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Default Called Boxer, Speir, and Feinstein

I live in the bay area. I called Congresswoman Jakki Speirs office, and it doesn't look like they were aware of this issue. I introduced myself as a member of immigration voice and told them that I was impacted by the reversal of this Visa bulletin. The staffer asked for my name, address, and email address.

I called Senator Boxer. Her DC phone mentioned that we could call her Oakland office as well, and so I did. The staffer seemed to be familiar with the terms "visa retrogression" and the like. She also mentioned that if I wanted a response, I should mail or fax a letter to their LA office.

Finally, I called Senator Dianne Feinstein's office. The first time I called the line was busy, but the second time somebody actually picked up. They did not seem to be familiar with what I had stated, but took down my grievances. They did not ask me for my name, but only for my ZIP Code. They mentioned that the senator gets a call report every day that she looks at. They also mentioned that if I wanted to email the center, I could fill out a form on the website.
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